Protect your savings

These days you must ask yourself what you should do with your cash. indeed it very hard question since there are absolutely no stable alternatives. 

Impairment is when your money is worthless and less over the years. for example 20 years ago a gallon of gas cost 1.89 USD and now it cost double. a box of milk cost 30 cents and no more than 1 USD. I think you got the point. YOUR MONEY CAN BUY LESS. 


There are many good alternatives to do it. each one has its own benefits and its own risks. you need to decide which one is the best for you according to your unique circumstances. 

Many people invest in equity or bonds or some other financial instruments that are traded in the stock markets around the world. 

Other investing in real estate, buying apartments or commercial properties and enjoy some returns. 

Generally when inflation is hitting us a real estate investment can be a great solution, but it can be also dangerous and can bring a lot of hassle deal with. also for real estate investment you should have some knowledge, to be familiar with the areas and have some experience in renovations and maintaining a property. 

another alternative to protect the value of your currency from Impairment can be investing in commodities like food, gold, silver, etc. 

What about cryptocurrency, should I invest in cryptocurrency, and if yes, in which one. more information on crypto investment you can find in our article related to cryptocurrency investment. 

there are many ways to protect your currency value it all depends on what is best suit your skills, time, and willingness.

The most important is to be active and invest and not leave your cash just sitting at the bank or kept under the flour because it will be a waste. 


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